BuddySystem project

What is the BuddySystem ?

The BuddySystem is an online platform matching international students and local students for a buddy programme. The platform, developed centrally, provides management access to local stakeholders responsible for coordinating the integration of the incoming students. After the pairing is complete, international students can benefit from a personalised welcome, thanks to their local buddy. It includes: support for administrative procedures, one-to-one visit of the city and place of study. To sum up he can be helped when needed.

The objectives of the BuddySystem:

The BuddySystem is dedicated to international students who, thanks to the platform, will have the opportunity to develop a relationship and interact with local students and enrich their lives through an intercultural experience.
The main goals of the BuddySystem are:

  • Improving the welcome phase and the integration of international students through an online tool for universities/schools and associations
  • Developing the internationalisation of local students by promoting intercultural exchange and open-mindedness
  • Strengthening student mobility facilities (University and associations) and enable the local stakeholders to develop long-lasting partnerships by providing them with common communication, facilitation and training tools

How does it works?

When landing on the buddysystem.eu platform, local and international students are invited to fill out a simple form with some key informations (place of study, age, gender, hobbies, date of arrival and departure, etc.). At any time, students are able to polish or modify their profile and preferences under the section “personal account”. Every profile is private and except the local coordinator which is responsible of the matching and the project administrator, no one could access to these informations.

Once local and international students are registered, the local coordinator of the platform has the opportunity to match the incoming students with local buddies by pairs. During the matchmaking process, the coordinator is supported by an algorithm, implemented in the managing tool, that suggests the best match. After the pairing, the matched students receive an email with the corresponding contact of their mentor/mentee.. They will now be able to exchange, discuss or meet at tailored buddy events, ESN events and/or by themselves.

They are supporting us

To contact us :

For any further questions/informations, you could contact us at buddysystem@ixesn.fr